Five Creative Decorations to Refresh Your Christmas

Christmas is coming this summer holiday. How will you spend your Christmas this holiday season? Enjoy bright sunshine on the beaches, or go camping? Dress up like a Santa Clause in a New Zealand ‘All Blacks’ rugby shirt, wearing jandals? Have barbecues in the backyard with family and friends? According to a survey released by Reader’s Digest, most New Zealanders would like to spend Christmas at home with close family, extended family or friends. Are you one of them? If you have no idea how to decorate your house to impress your family and friends on Christmas, check out the answer here. We have explored 5 fresh ideas as decorating guides for you to fill your house with creative Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas Cards Ornament

christmas-cardsYou must have collected a lot of precious Christmas cards that you received in the former years, instead of storing them in boxes or drawers, why not open this good blessings to all of the people you care about? These old Christmas cards can remind you of past wonderful memories and the blessings that your friends and family sent you. Bring them out and decorate them as a new ornament in your house, you can turn them into new blessings and impress your friends with your good will. But if you don’t have any old cards, make it yourself now, or ask your family to work with you. The children can draw with imagination, and you can write down what you want to thank of the year and the blessings to other people.
You can:
Attach every card front to a large piece of mat board using spray mount, double-sided tape or rubber cement, and then paste the mat board on your wall;
Bore a hole on every card, and connect them with a ribbon, then hang over the ceiling, windows, doorway or Christmas tree.

Candy Cane Vase

To buy a bouquet of poinsettias can add vivid festive atmosphere to your home. However, an ordinary vase cannot fully show your Christmas spirit, so you might need a creative Christmas vase rather than a traditional one. Never imagined that candy canes can be a perfect vase as one of the most appealing Christmas decorations? Time to think about it and turn this innovative idea into reality! Candy canes, traditionally white with red stripes and favored with peppermint, are highly popular among kids and youngsters at Christmas. A candy cane vase will surely catch your guests’ eyes and leave a deep impression on

  • First you should prepare everything well you need ahead, such as enough candy canes, a can, a red ribbon, rubber cement and a bouquet of poinsettias, of course.
  • Second, glue the candy canes to the can one by one.
  • Third, tie with a red ribbon around the candy canes.
  • Last but not least, fill with the beautiful poinsettias.


Multi-colored LED Christmas Tree

led-christmas-treeYou can’t call it a Christmas if there is no Christmas light. So if you are wondering which kind of Christmas lights you should buy to décor your house, the following option may be right up your alley. It’s a creative idea to combine Christmas tree with colorful lights—LED Christmas tree. With a tree like that, you will save a lot of efforts on the decorating of a traditional Christmas tree so that you can spend more time enjoying the feast with your family. Display your multi-colored LED Christmas tree indoor or in the yard to add a bit twinkle to your holiday season right now.


Stacked Wreaths

christmas-snowman-wreathMany people would hang a Christmas wreath on the front door to show their Christmas spirit. But as every Christmas comes and goes, people only change the appearance of the wreath. Perhaps use a different color of flowers this time? Throw away this stereotypical idea! Just purchase three wreaths in different sizes and you’ll see what a refreshing door décor it is! Hang them on top of each other and add some accessories such as a Santa hat, a scarf, and two branches to make it look like a snowman! It will work as a WOW effect when your guests come here to visit.

DIY Paper-cuts

deer-paper-cutDo you want to try Chinese-style paper-cutting? Spend an afternoon with your kids cutting the colorful paper into different shapes of symbolic Christmas patterns like reindeers, Christmas trees, snowflakes, mittens and so on. For instance, if you have a unique reindeer figure in your mind, you could draw it on a red or multicolored paper, and then cut it out.


After finishing the paper cuts, you can glue them on your Christmas cards, paste on panes, doors, or make them wall stickers, if your work is too delicate as a piece of art, you can even frame it!


These handmade Christmas decorations make your Christmas memorable and special. From one point of view, it is a cost-effective choice since you don’t need to drain your wallet for too many baubles. From another more important aspect, it is invaluable that you and other family members spend the meaningful time together, which meanwhile strengthens the bonding and improve your relationship with each other. What counts is what you made by your own hands with all your heart.

Let’s get started! We wish you a merry Kiwi Christmas! Meri Kirihimete!



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