Best Evaporative Air Coolers of 2020

It is essential to find ways to beat the heat during the summer months. Besides air conditioners, portable ACs and fans, another option is evaporative air cooler. So, what is the evaporative air cooler? How does it work? And what makes it better than other cooling options?

What is an evaporative air cooler?

An evaporative air cooler is a device which lowers air temperature through evaporation. Unlike cooler air conditioners replying on vapor-compression to cool air, evaporative coolers utilize the natural ability of evaporation to lower air temperature.

How does an evaporative air cooler work?

An evaporative cooler cools air through evaporating water. It includes a fan and a water-soaked pad where the fan draws warm, stale air inside the unit and then passes it over water-moistened pads to be cooled. Then it releases this cool air into the space. It’s like when you get out of a pool on a hot day and immediately feel a chill as the outside air cools the water on your body. It should be noted that using an evaporative cooler indoors requires a fresh air source like open a door or a window.

The benefits of an evaporative air cooler

  • Simple Cooling Technology: compared to other air cooling system which uses compressors and refrigerants, evaporative cooler use only water and pump to saturate the cooling media to create cool air.
  • Cost-Effective Option: a 36-inch portable evaporative air cooler operating for eight hours typically costs less than one dollar, which is almost three times cheaper than traditional cooling costs.
  • Environmentally-Friendly: evaporative air cooler use motion and water to cool the air, which is a natural process and doesn’t add ozone-harming pollutants or other chemicals to the environment.
  • Good for Health: The evaporative cooling process will naturally humidify the dry air, reducing dry air symptoms such as itchy eyes, throat and skin.

Best Evaporative Air Coolers of 2020 

Check Maxkon 7L Evaporative Air Cooler At BestDeals


MAXKON 7L Evaporative Air Cooler Quiet Fan Ionizer Button 3 Modes W/Remote Control Blue

Budget-friendly Maxkon blue evaporative air cooler starts our list off with a 7L evaporative cooler. With this unit, you can choose three-speed settings – low, medium or high. The ice crystal refrigeration and air evaporative technology ensures the device to cut down the temperature from the air vent. It comes with remote control and a control panel, plus a 24-hour timer, allowing you to turn off the unit at any time between 1 and 24 hours.

Best Price: $139.95


Check Maxkon 10L Evaporative Air Cooler At BestDeals


MAXKON 10L Evaporative Air Cooler Fan Ionizer/Humidifier Remote Control Conditioner

Maxkon offers a 10L portable air cooler to help you cool over the summer. It boasts its evaporative cooler as a cheap and effective way to keep the hottest days outside and not in your home. Featuring a 10-litre reservoir and durable castors for easy portability, this cooler helps take the heat out of the day no matter what part of the house you and the family are in.

Best Price: $169.95


Check Maxkon 50L Evaporative Air Cooler At BestDeals


50L Evaporative Air Cooler Air Conditioner Cooling Fan Remote Control

This evaporative cooler features 50L of tank capacity. It has three-speed settings with a sleep mode, stated to provide comfort while you sleep with a low speed. There’s also a 24-hour timer, allowing you to set the unit to stop the unit at any time between 1 and 24 hours. It’s also designed with a swing button to make the louvers swing horizontally, while the vertical air flow can either be set manually by adjusting the horizontal louvers.

Best Price: $329.95


Check Maxkon 80L Evaporative Air Cooler At BestDeals


80L Evaporative Air Cooler Air Conditioner Cooling Fan Remote Control

This unit is stated to provide 450W of power with three-speed settings – low, medium & high. It’s designed on wheels and has an 80L water tank capacity. It features a remote control and a 24-hour timer, plus a swing function. Exact dimensions are 67 x 41cm x 128cm (W x D x H). This cooler is best for hot and dry climates, bringing the temperature down and adding moisture to the dry air. It can be used as a fan, an air humidifier, an air conditioner or an air purifier.

Best Price: $499.95




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