Five Hottest Christmas Games that Everyone is Crazy about

If you’ve finished the Christmas tree decorations and chosen a tasty Christmas recipe, it’s time to pick the party entertainment—fun Christmas games. When it comes to Christmas games, I could never forget the “Secret Santa” game my professor taught us at college. Everyone in my class tried hard to be a professional “Secret Santa”—don’t be revealed until the gift exchange time. We enjoy so much every time we play a game to celebrate the coming of Christmas. We’ve collected five hottest Christmas games for you, choose some to harvest joy and laughter!


Cards against Humanity

cards against humanityCards Against Humanity is perhaps the most popular game of the year. It is a party game for horrible people. Unlike most of the party games you've played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends. For the Australia version, it has changed about 15% of the game to adapt it to a vapid, fun-loving culture.

cards against humanity1


This game is simple to play. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with one of their white cards. The goal is to pair the answer and question cards in the funniest, most provocative, or cleverest way you can.

Notes: Adults only



White Elephant Gift Exchange Gamecartoon-elephant-pointer

Whether it’s a gathering of friends, family, or coworkers, white elephant Christmas game allows partygoers to relax and get to know each other—and enjoy some good-natured laughter, too.

Everyone comes to the party with a wrapped Christmas gift and sit in a circle where they can see the gift pile.The first player selects a gift from the pool and opens it. The following players can choose to either pick an unwrapped gift form the pool or steal a previous player’s gift. Anyone who gets their gift stolen in this way can do the same—choose a new gift or steal from someone else.

pile-of-christmas-giftsIt’s best to institute some sort of limits, otherwise the game can go on and on. For example, a present can only be stolen three times and a person can only steal three times from one another. It’s a game where everyone wins because each person ends up with a present—and the party itself is a gift of fun.



Christmas Memory Gamexmas tray game

Christmas tray game is a simple and fun way to keep your family and friends happy for Christmas. It can not only make you feel fulfilled when you’ve got a right answer, but it also helps improve your memory.

On a tray, place different Christmas ornaments, candy, ribbon, bow, figures or other Christmas items. Have each person look at the items displayed. Remove the tray of items. Individuals or teams try to list each item they saw on the tray. The team or person that remembers the most, wins! Another variation is to remove one item from the tray and see who can discover which one is missing. Let’s see whose memory is the best!


snowman tossSnowman Toss

This game is a best way to get your kids involved and excited. We cannot have a snowball fight in such a hot summer but we can make snowman and snowballs on our own, and also have great fun at home playing snowman toss.

snowman toss1

Draw an outline of a snowman on a posterboard or heavy card, then cut it out. Next cut out the center of the snowman to create a hole where the kids can toss the snowballs. Secure the snowman in place with some sturdy painters tape up high in a doorway or even stuck to the side of a table. Crush newspaper or used wrapping paper into snowballs of all different sizes.

The easiest part is to let your kids toss the snowballs through the snowman holes. Place different point values on each ball. Eg: head–10 pts, middle–5 pts, bottom–1 pt. Total the scores for a set amount “snowball” tosses.



Pass the Wreath Relay

Wreath-RelayWreath relay is a popular minute-to-win-it game for Christmas get-togethers with friends, neighbours and family. To prepare for this game, you will need a few large Christmas Wreaths, then divide the people into 2 or more teams to compete. Place a Christmas Wreath over the head of one team member. Using only their heads to transfer the wreath to each other, players must travel a certain distance and hang the wreath on a post to win. The fastest team wins. Remember: If you use your hands unconsciously, you lose.



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