Get Fit or Die Trying: Five Most Efficient Home Gym Workouts

the_magic_mirror_140485When you decide to click into this article, I assure that you’re not just a bit curious about our workout tips. You have different levels of dissatisfaction with your body shape and anxious to find a way out, right? Some of you might be sick of feeling overweight and unattractive, or hate how your body looks in front of the mirror, while some might feel exposed when you take off your shirt at the beach. It’s definitely true that we all want to get better for some reasons.

gym workoutHow much you care about your body health? Are you on the way to get fit this summer? “If it’s important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.” Doing physical exercise is not just a better outcome of physically health, such as improved muscle strength, and reduced risk of certain cancers, it also improves your mental health and general sense of well-being.

fit or dieNot everyone can afford to join a gym. In contrast, creating a home gym is more affordable and time-saving, as well as perfect for those who don’t like exercising in public. You can get in a great workout right in the comfort of your own home with some pieces of gym equipment. In order to assist you select a healthy home gym plan rather than go on a crash diet, we have explored the most popular and effective home gym workouts with necessary gym equipment for you to get fast and more weight loss reasonably. Let’s hit your fitness goals! 

Abdominal Workout

Equipment: 6 IN 1 Smart Body Fitness Training Portable Ab Machine

ab machine1This portable ab machine has been proven to be so effective and will help you to achieve your goals and get the sexy six pack abs you’ve always wanted! With a smart design, it has cleverly hidden interlocking springs and precision dials on each side that gives adjustable resistance. So there’s no wasted time or effort as your muscles are going through the entire range of motion, giving you a fantastic total core workout. 

Leg Muscle Exercise

Equipment: Genki Elliptical Bike/Cross Trainer

fitness bikeNowadays we can enjoy running at home with a treadmill, what about trying an elliptical trainer? You can build the endurance you need and burn calories with this Genki multi-function fitness bike. This machine doubles as an elliptical machine and stationary exercise bike to help give you a total body workout. You can use the LCD display to choose your resistance and clearly see the exercising time, speed, distance, calories and overall progress. Shape up your legs, butt, and arms by biking this elliptical trainer. Set it up in front of the television as you step your way to a leaner and fitter you while enjoying all your favourite programs. Which one is better for weight loss, treadmill or elliptical? Watch this video to find out the answer. 

Video from FUNTUBE

Multi-Level Strength Training

Equipment: Genki Home Gym Weight Station Bench Press

genki weight station
Get into shape in the privacy of your own home using this multi-functional bench press. 

Weightlifting: The padded seat back can be adjusted to be fully flat, or pop it up on an incline level to provide a more intensive workout on your upper chest and shoulders.sit-up station

Sit-Up Station: Strengthen your core by performing sit-ups, twists and abdominal workouts. It features adjustable incline levels allowing you to increase intensity of your workout.

chest fly workoutChest Fly Workout: Work your upper body with the side presses to tone and develop shoulder, pectoral and bicep muscle groups.

In-built Leg Extensions: in-built leg extensionUse leg extensions to exercise your hamstring muscles, or use it on the front and back of your legs to maximize your results.

Whole Body Vibration Training

Equipment: Genki 4th DIY Ultra Slim Vibration Machine Platform

vibration machine position

vibration machineBefore starting out and after intense exercise, a vibration machine is optimal choice for warming up and relaxing your muscle. Genki vibration machines are one of the most popular gym equipment among BestDeals’ buyers. This compact and portable machine, with 360 degree whole body shaking function, allows you to have a great overall exercise. Besides, it can accelerate weight loss, eliminate unwanted fat, train and tone muscles in much less time than traditional training methods. If you want to do some moderate exercise with it, you can also refer to the following positions. 

Pilates & Yoga

Equipment: Expandable Anti Slip Exercise Floor Protection Mat

yoga mat

yoga poseIf the above home gym programmes are not economical enough for you, then it’s impossible to go wrong with yoga & Pilates. I would like to say that yoga is an elegant and healthy life style that fits everyone. It might be the best decision you ever made for your muscles and overall athletic development. As a necessary tool, an expandable yoga mat will provide you a soft foam floor to exercise on and prevent injury. To add some fun, try aerobic ball, which is especially perfect for strengthening stretching exercise and maintaining flexibility. 

Just believe that everything is possible with motivation. Before you start exercising every day, try to talk to yourself, “I’m going to make you so proud.” We are just writing to inspire you to be more responsible for your health. If you are finding excuses for not getting workout now, sooner or later you’ll have to find time for illness. Seize every opportunity that you can make yourself a better and healthier person. Get fit or die trying. Now or never!



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