Get Your Kids Involved: Easy Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

As Christmas is approaching on its way, one of the most festive rituals you could never miss is decorating your evergreen. The process of decorating a Christmas tree might have much less fun if your lovely kids are absent for it. Ask your whole family to join and enjoy! Now you may need some tips for Christmas tree decorating with these easy instructions.

Step 1: Hang Christmas Tree Lightsxmas tree light
A Christmas tree would be dim without any Christmas lights on. Lights can work as a gorgeous outfit for a tree. Make sure you spend a good enough time getting your Christmas lights positioned just right. Start from the top and weave the lights up and under branches. Then work your way down and around the tree, including the back of it. Ask your family for help, take a few steps away from the tree and squint your eyes to see if there is any dark patches and rearrange the lights to fill in any gaps.


Christmas tree LED string lightsFor your Christmas tree lights purchase references, we strongly recommend LED lights to you. They are environmental-friendly, safe and cool to touch since they don’t produce heat like incandescent bulbs. In addition, LED lights come in various colors and shapes that can add dazzling effect to your evergreen.

Tip: Test to see that all the bulbs are working before you put them on.

Step 2: Pick a Colour Schemexmas tree white and silver
Picking colours that go together and match the theme can be a difficult task. If you want a traditional theme, choose reds, greens, and golds to create a classic feel. For a truly minimalist, just white and silver decorations are enough to show Christmas atmosphere. If you want to be creative and try something new, don't just settle on one color scheme. You can channel the rainbow when picking out ornaments to hang.

Tip: If staying one theme or fixed colours is hard for you, keep it simple.

xmas tree topper angelStep 3: Add a Topper 
It might seem a bit weird to put on the topper before the ornaments, but who says you have to save the best for last. Placing the topper first so you don’t have to worry about stretching to reach the top of the tree and knocking off ornaments during the process. After eliminating this hidden trouble, to raise your kid’s sense of participation, you are free to let your kid put on the topper under your attention. Choose a decorative star, an elaborate bow, your great-grandmother’s angel, a crown or other great toppers that go best with your theme.

Tip: Beware of topper that is heavy and make sure your topper isn’t in danger of toppling.

Step 4: Add Christmas Tree Garlandsxmas tree ribbon garland
As one of the essential elements, garlands can add texture to your tree. Still, start at the top of the tree, and gradually increase the amount of garlands, ribbons or popcorns as you work your way down the branches. Remember that what kind of garlands you choose depends on your color scheme and theme, but you don’t have to go too matchy as you can change the way your accessories display.

Tip: Put up the garlands and ribbons before the ornaments to avoid any ornaments from falling down during the process.

Christmas tree ornamentsStep 5: Hang Christmas Tree Ornaments
Categorize your ornaments in piles: Separate one type from the others and keep definite Christmas ornament sets together. You can categorize according their colors, materials or themes. Ask your kids to help you with this task to foster their good logical thinking and analytical skills.

Hang from top to bottom: Start from the top and try to distribute them evenly. For similar ornaments, you can create an imaginary triangular pattern. Vary the depths of the ornaments—one is on the outer branch, one on the inner branch while another above. Keep repeating this pattern and extend the triangles. This gives a cohesive look and add texture to your tree.

Add something your kids love: Except for traditional ornaments like Santa Clause decors and snow man ornaments, try to create surprises for your kids. For example, if your kids are fond of candies, hang a candy bag along the tree and let them find the “treasure” by their own.

Tip: If there are weak brunches that can barely stand the weight of the ornaments, take a strong floral wire and create a loop wire to it and tire a stronger branch on the other end to put it up a little bit.If you have no idea whether it’s all packed up. Get away for a minute and then come back in, you’ll have a fresh eyes on it and know where to improve. 

The most important thing is to have fun with your family together when decorating your Christmas tree. Get your whole family involved and make your move now! 



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